Insurance Claim Litigation

Having difficulties collecting from your insurance company?

Insurance Claim Denied?

Filing an insurance claim can be quite a challenge; not only because it could be an unnerving task, but also it follows a difficult event in your life. Some events related to insurance claims may be easier to cope, while others are very difficult and realistically not all insurance companies make it simple.

You are expecting your insurance company acts in “good faith” and honor your claim; however, on occasions the insurance company does not do what is right for you. Disputes usually arise after an insurance company denies a valid claim without a reason. Some insurance companies deny the claim even if it is legitimate, only when the policyholder takes action, then the claim will be investigated.


Propery Damage


residential damage


hurricane damage


fire damage

Water Damage

Water damage

Mold Damage

mold damage

Roof Leak

roof leaks



Living Expenses

living expenses

First Party Insurance Litigation

Miguel A. Brizuela, P.A. can represent you to dispute insurance claims that have been denied without a valid explanation. Our insurance disputes can help our clients recover the insurance benefits to which they are entitled to.